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About #NoExcuses Youth Leadership

The Uhuru Institute for Social Development (TUI) recognises the overall impact of the context above on the youth, and appreciates that youth is a transition period from childhood (dependence) to adulthood (independence), accommodating perceptions and definitions to the specific context and situation. It is a particular period in life where lifestyle choices and opportunities can have a long-lasting impact on a person’s future. Consequently, we believe that while youth require support to enable their takeoff, the decision that one takes in their youth should build the future – hence the #NoExcuses program.

Africa’s youth population is expected to reach 830 million by 2050. Only 3.1 million jobs are created annually, while 12 million kids enter the workforce. The African Union Youth Charter defines youth as 18–35 years old. The Ugandan constitution defines youth as 18–35. Uganda has 42 million people, 78.6% under 30 and 55% under 15. 22.5% are youth, 54% are unemployed, and 70% work in subsistence agriculture.

Uganda’s agrarian economy accounts for 22% of GDP and employs 80% of the population, with women making up 65% and youth 35%.

What do we want to achieve with the #NoExcuses Youth Programme?

To nurture a knowledge-based youth movement, conscious of their civic duty and socioeconomic rights, equipped with a productive, innovative mindset that integrates sustainable environment management into their everyday business.

What we have done:

1. Youth Camps

Between 2014-2017, TUI implemented 8 #NoExcuses Youth Leadership and Opportunity Camps with amazing results and outcomes. Without any further support from TUI, the alumni of these youth camps have made tremendous progress in their life including, including many attributes to their learning during the #NoExcuses camps, and many are now entrepreneurs, local councilors, members of parliament, and cooperatives leaders, etc.

2. The Legacy Life Awards

During the #NoExcuses Youth Camp dubbed ‘Kyoto3 Youth Entrepreneurship and Leadership Camp2022 held between 24th -28th April 2022 at the Kyoto Spiritual Resort Namugongo, The Uhuru Institute for Social Development held a Legacy Life Award pitching contest where the participants were awarded according to their abilities to come up with solutions to the different social and climate issues facing their communities as well as being able to be innovative in their cooperatives.

These activities are part of the many that the TUI team looks forward to implementing under the #NOEXCUSES program.