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Apply to join the Coop360° Network

Apply to join the Coop360° Network by filling in a physical application form or an online form.

Upon receipt of a qualification notice, complete a registration form and submit it to the relevant office at The Uhuru Institute.

Receive, fill and return a member’s profile entry assessment form accompanied by required member’s documents.

On meeting the selection criteria, you will get an invitation, then pay a one-off joining fee.


Primary Cooperatives

Members’ social-economic need.

Individual Cooperators

Towards member driven, household focused, integrated cooperative businesses.

Business Associates

Marketing labor and skills of its members, business owning.

The Coop360º Network Membership Categories

The network has 4 membership categories namely; Standard, Premier, Associate Union, and Associate Individual.

Standard Membership to the Coop360º Network is reserved for registered multipurpose primary cooperatives and other primary cooperative business types that are working towards running integrated/multipurpose business models (within their 12 months of joining the network). The cooperatives are required to have minimum of 100 active and fully paid up members, with share capital of at least UGX 10,000,000 and a minimum business revenue of UGX 10,000,000 per year.

This is made up of primary multipurpose cooperatives with a membership of not less than 200 active and fully paid members comprised of 30% women and 50% youth; share capital of at least UGX 20,000,000 and a minimum business revenue of UGX 40,000,000 per year.

This has been designed for cooperative unions that run multiple enterprises with a membership of at least 3 active and fully paid primary cooperatives reaching out to a minimum of 500 active and fully paid individual cooperative members; share capital of at least UGX 30,000,000 and a minimum business revenue of UGX 50,000,000 per year.

This comprises persons who are cooperative practitioners and interested in serving as trainers, coaches or mentors to Coop360° network members.


Members make the following payments to enjoy the benefits of the Network.

Registration FeesUnit Cost (UGX)Frequency of PaymentTotal (UGX)
All cooperative member categories300,000One off300,000
Individuals200,000One off200,000

Subscription Fees

Cooperative Class based on Turn OverTurn Over Categories (UGX)Annual Subscription
AAnnual turnover/ revenue of 5 billion and above0.03%
BAnnual turn over/ revenue of 5 billion0.12%
CAnnual turnover/ revenue of 500 million - 1 billion0.16%
DAnnual turnover/ revenue of 100 - 500 million0.7%
EAnnual turnover of 50 - 100 million0.9%
FAnnual turnover of 5 - 50 million5%
GIndividualUGX 200,000


Business turnover means all the commercial revenue generated in a financial year minus grants/donations.

Failure to pay Annual Subscription

failure to pay annual subscription within 3 months after the due date is an indication of membership cessation; and as such, all services that are specially offered to Network Members will be withdrawn until the member makes good the payments.

Co-Financing Network activities

All members will be required to meet their portion of the partially funded products and services to ensure smooth delivery.