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About Coop360° Network

The Coop360° Network is a non-body corporate platform created by the Uhuru Institute for Social Development Ltd to nurture a breed of cooperatives with a cooperative identity; value-based cooperatives run alongside the 7 international principles of cooperatives, providing value to their members and impacting the communities that enable their businesses to thrive.


The network’s mission is member-driven, household focused integrated cooperatives that deliver value pegged on the holistic needs of its members



member’s social-economic need

Individual Cooperators

Towards member driven, household focussed, integrated cooperative businesses.

Business Associates

Marketing labor and skills of its members, business owning.


Profiled Cooperatives


Registered Member Products


Profiled Individual Members


Members in Community


A World of Opportunities

The Coop360º Network seeks to achieve the following:

  • Deliver practical training through the SkillCoop technical support facility.
  • Enhance business growth through continuous business development support.
  • Spur growth of corporate governance through mentorship and coaching.
  • Provide access to affordable finance to capitalize on cooperative businesses.
  • Enhance digital migration for competitive cooperative businesses
  • Facilitate business networking, quality products, and services in the market.
  • Inform and build the capacity of cooperatives to influence and advocate for an enabling environment.

Benefits Of The Coop360° Network

First year benefits:

  • Leadership orientation training
  • Training and using the CoopProfiler
  • Membership training
  • Strategic plan development
  • Business plan development
  • Internal Controls
  • Mentorship
  • Coaching
  • Membership Liaison Officer
  • Branding

Apply today to join the Coop360° Network today and join thousands of happy entrepreneurs causing the effective change in their communities through cooperatives.

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Benefits Of The Coop360° Network

Long term benefits:

  • Using the CoopProfiler app
  • Use of SplendorERP for record-keeping and reporting
  • Agency contract with and shared revenue from the Fanaka Finance
  • Agency contract with and shared revenue from theCooperator Magazine
  • Membership training
  • Leadership training
  • Business Concepts & Proposal Reviews
  • Advertising in theCooperator magazine
  • Marketing on SokoniPlace
  • Specialist Training
  • Learning and Exchange Visits
  • Annual Business Networking Congress