The #NoExcuses youth camp 2022
08:00 to 14:00

Youth Camp Theme:

The theme of the upcoming youth camp is #NoExcuses This means excuses are the biggest impediments to achieving success, and the youths should avoid using excuses to explain their failure. Rather they should be action-oriented to achieve success in life.

Aim of Youth Camp:

To mobilize youths into joining and actively patronizing cooperatives for employment creation and social-economic transformation.

Specific Objectives of the Youth Camp:

1. To inculcate the mindset of #NoExcuses, self-responsibility, self-help, citizen responsibility, and solidarity in the mind of youths.
2. To impart the knowledge of cooperative principles, values and ethics, governance and operations, and their unique role in the socio-economic transformation of Uganda.
3. To induct the youths in personal financial literacy, business planning, and rolling out of startups.
4. To share experiences, develop networks, and personal action plans for the future, while in a cooperative.

Youth Camp Target Participants:

This call for application strictly targets the youths who are:
(I) Members of a cooperative Society
(II) Leaders in a cooperative Society
(III) Employed in a cooperative Society
(IV) Doing business with a cooperative Society
(V) 18 to 35 years old


  • Uhuru Institute


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