Launch of the cooperative resilience research report and the cooperative resilience measurement index
09:00 to 14:00 -

Greetings from The Uhuru Institute for Social Development (TUI), a social business that provides and connects cooperatives to business development solutions in Uganda, Africa, and the world. In the last two years, TUI in collaboration with Busara Centre for Behavioral Economics has been conducting research on cooperative resilience in Uganda.

We invite you to virtually attend the launch of;

1. The research report conducted by The Uhuru Institute for Social Development titled: Upholding Cooperative Identity as a Crucial Determinant of Cooperative Resilience. A case study of cooperatives in Uganda.

2. The Cooperative Resilience Measurement Index; a tool generated from the above study for predicting, identifying, measuring, and reporting risks, vulnerabilities, capabilities, adaptability, innovative strategies, and actions for the resilience of cooperatives in Uganda.

This event will be streamed Live on NTV, Social Media, and on Zoom link Tuesday 15th March 2022 at the Sheraton Hotel, Kampala starting 10:00hrs to 01:00 PM East African Time.

You advised to login at 09:15AM East African Time in the Zoom link provided below
Passcode: 224703


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