Find cooperatives, business associates and suppliers you can trust.

A world of opportunities where Primary cooperatives, business associations, individuals, and associates of the cooperative movement come together for shared and price friendly tailor-made services.

This is a corporate platform of individual cooperators, cooperative organizations and associates of the industry who have been brought together for shared and price friendly services that are tailor made to propel growth in the cooperative movement. The 360 network is a flexible non body corporate whose members will benefit from a range of opportunities; which are aligned to TUI’s sustainable social business model.

Coop 360° is affiliated to Uhuru Institute for Social Development as one of the trading names through which services and products will be delivered to the cooperative movement.  The services of the network will be accessed through membership, subscription and payment of subsidized fees for services and products offered.


Featured Cooperatives

Find cooperatives, business associates and suppliers you can trust.
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How to join the Coop360 Network.

Our members are carefully selected and inaugurated into the cooperative mode of conduct.

Apply to join

Apply to join Coop360 Network by filling in a physical application or online form.

Forms and Profile

Receive, fill and return a member’s profile entry assessment form accompanied by required member’s documents.

Payment & Induction

On meeting the selection criteria, you will get an invitation, then pay a one-off joining fee.

What our members say about us!

A world of opportunities as expressed by our members.

Coop360 Network is a great initiative by Uhuru Institute. I believe that it will go a long way in promoting cooperatives in the country and we as a ministry are truly excited about the possibilities this network can bring to our work.

- State Minister for Cooperatives

The coop360 network member training is unique, practical, and adds value. They have helped us improve on our business plan, revision of our strategic plan because of TUI advice on our vision and mission statements.

- Chairman - Panyimur Dei area enterprise

Our Mentors

Mentors are a vital part of the Coop360 Network, they are selected for their expertise,
passion and alignment to the programme vision and mission.

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Upcoming Events

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